SOMA 2024 Registration Information

SOMA 2024 Scientific Assembly Registration Information

Registration for the 2024 Scientific Assembly is now open.


 To Register

Schedule coming soon.

SOMA does not now nor has ever sold registration information or data on attendees. If you receive any emails that suggest that attendee data has been compiled and can be purchased, this is a fraudulent, phishing email. Please do not click on any link in these emails and delete from your inbox.

Registration Fees for the 2024 Scientific Assembly – When registering for the conference, please select the registration category the best represents the position that you are representing with your attendance.

Labs are an additional fee – Please see Lab Fees below 

  Full Assembly Attendance SOMA Members Full Assembly Attendance
Single Day (Tues, Wed, Th, Fri)
SOMA Members
Single Day(Tues, Wed, Th, Fri)
Lifetime Lifetime members receive complimentary registration for the Scientific Assembly
(Lifetime members who require CME must pay a $300 fee and must register and pay for Lab fees.)
N/A $0 N/A
Military Medic/Civilian Medic/Law Enforcement Officer (non-DoD) $190 $270 $60 $88
Physician – Allopathic (MD) and Osteopathic (DO) physicians, dentists or veterinarians, either military or civilian, who are concerned with special operations medicine.  $415 $595 $125 $180
Student $215 $345 $65 $110
Resident/Fellow $265 $395 $80 $125
Professional – Medical Professionals, PAs, NPs, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Allied Health Professional and International Practitioners who are not military medics or physicians and commissioned officers who are concerned with special operations medicine. $315 $495 $95 $152
Emeritus $215 N/A $65 N/A
Current Federal Employee $215 $295 $65 $95
Industry N/A $520 N/A $165


    • On-site/walk-in registration will be available however some labs will be full at the time of the live assembly.

    • Lifetime members must register for CME and labs separately.

Lab Fees:

Labs are priced separately and are not included in the fees for the Scientific Assembly. 

Labs are $70 for Medics. All others are $150 for 2-hour labs, $250 for 4-hour labs and $450 for an 8-hour lab.

Labs will be held all day Monday. Repeat Lab sessions will also be available throughout the week during the same times as the assembly breakout sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and all-day Thursday. Please be sure you closely read the lab descriptions prior to registering.