Mission, Vision & Goals


The Special Operations Medical Association will be the premier professional organization to enhance knowledge, experience, skills, and wisdom of current and future Special Operations and Tactical providers.


To advance the science, technology, knowledge and skills of unconventional medicine providers in order to increase survival, reduce suffering, and speed recovery of those who are injured or become ill during Special Operations or Tactical missions.


  1. Advance the art and science of Special Operations and Tactical medicine; enhance member capability and readiness to perform in a variety of diverse and challenging roles, environments, and contingencies.
  2. Facilitate quality training and education, and exposure to industry and innovation, in order to augment the professional development of prehospital, tactical, wilderness, austere, disaster and deployed medicine providers.
  3. Support the interests and success of our members; promote and advance member scholarship as well as education and work opportunities.
  4. Continuously evolve and expand in order to achieve and maintain appropriate relevance, reach, influence, and impact within the medical and tactical communities and beyond.
  5. Grow and retain membership, optimize member services, enhance member involvement, and develop member leadership while remaining true to our history and character as the most unique medical society in the world.

SOMA Organizational Bylaws:

SOMA Bylaws Approved June 2021.pdf