SOMA Board of Directors


​MSG (Ret) John Dominguez

Civilian Vice​ President
Taylor A. George, DrPH, MHS, LP

Immediate Past President
​COL (Ret) Russ S. Kotwal, MD, MPH

Military Vice President
COL(Ret) Sean Keenan, MD

Lt Col Regan F. Lyon, MDEmergency Physician, US Air Force

At-Large Members

Christi Verchinin, MD, Lt. Col, USAF, SOST Det-2 (Special Operations Surgical Team)

Sandro “Rabbit” Heinrich

Ricky Ditzel, Jr., BSHS, DDP-C, FP-C, TP-C

MSG (Ret) John Steinbaugh

Non-Voting Members

COL John Detro, SP, PA-C, MPAS
US SOCOM Command Surgeon

Jeremy Torrisi
Membership Committee Co-Chair

CDR Elliot M. Ross, MD, MPH
Program Committee Co-Chair

SFC (Ret) ​Mike​ Jackson
Membership Committee Co-Chair

Andy Oh, MD
Program Committee Co-Chair

Alan O’Brien
International Committee Co-Chair

Senior Advisors

Bryan B. ​Battaglia

Paul K. Carlton, Jr.,
Lt Gen (Ret) USAF, MD, FACS

Mike Hall
CSM (Ret)

Stanley McChrystal
Gen (Ret)

Frank K. Butler, Jr., MD

Richard H. Carmona

Craig Llewellyn

Philip Volpe
MG (Ret), DO

Call for Board Nominations

The Nominations Committee is conducting the Call for Applications for open positions on the SOMA Board of Directors for the 2024-2026 election slate. The positions that will be elected by the membership in 2024 is Military Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and one at Large positions. The individu­als elected for these offices will serve a two-year term.  Additionally, the Military Vice President will succeed to the office of President.

The Call for Board Nominations will be open from November 27 – December 31st. Learn more on the Candidate criteria and submit an application.