The K9-TECC working group was developed under the auspice of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care www.c-tecc.org with the primary intent of developing best practice prehospital care guidelines for civilian Operational K9s (OpK9) injured in the Line of Duty. Other projects the working group is tasked with include: developing best practice recommendations for prolonged OpK9 field care and components for K9 Individual First Aid Kits; fostering scientific research related to OpK9 prehospital care; and providing resources for first responders that will facilitate their ability to provide appropriate and timely prehospital care to the injured OpK9. The working group consists of a diversified group of subject matter experts comprised of physicians, veterinarians, EMS personnel, military, tactical medics, law enforcement officers (LEOs), K9 Handlers (LE and SAR), and fire fighters. More information about the working group as well as K9 TECC resources may be found at www.k9tecc.org​

Recently the K9 TECC WG has authored the two attached white papers entitled:

Operational K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (K9-TECC) Training and K9 Individual First Aid Kits (K9-IFAK)
Challenges Facing Prehospital Care for Operational K9s Injured in the Line of Duty​
K9 TECC Guidelines Final 20161214