CALL TO DUTY: Honor the Training of U.S. Military Medic Veterans

Honor the training of military medic veterans by gaining support in Congress for the Veterans EMT Support Act (S. 453/H.R. 1818).

This legislation provides funding to states with a shortage of emergency medical technicians and paramedics to develop transition programs to fill medical training gaps for experienced, recent military medic veterans and future transitioning medics who want to obtain civilian certification/licensure. Find out more about the bill here.  

Our Mission: To secure 100 U.S. House Representatives and 50 Senators as co-sponsors by Nov. 30. 

Our Duty: Take action here to support our military medics. If your U.S. House Representative or Senators are co-sponsors, please email them your appreciation for their support. 

Our Success: Real-time progress will be depicted on a map in the NAEMT Online Legislative Service. Monitor the engagement in your state and share this email with colleagues to encourage their support also. Follow NAEMT on Facebook and Twitter​ as we continue to honor our nation’s Veterans. ​​​