SOMA 2021

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​Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Presentation TitlePresenter(s)
Opening Ceremony and Honoring the Fallen
COL (Ret) Russ S. Kotwal, MD, MPH, SOMA President, MSG (Ret) John Dominguez, SOMA Military Vice President,
MSG (Ret) Sammy Rodriguez,

COL (Ret) Kyle N. Remick, MD, FACS, SOMSA 2021 Chair
Elliot Ross, MD, MPH, SOMSA 2021 Co-Chair

0830- 0900Senior Leader Welome & Strategic Overview of Medicine and Future ImplicationsSGM Jerry Schofield, JMAU SEL, JSOC SEMA
0900-0945Wounded Warrior Talk MAJ Jon M. Turnbull
0945-1010TCCC UpdateMSG Michael Remley
​1010 - 1015​JSOM UpdateMSGT (Ret) Dr. ​Scott Graverson
SOF Combat Medic Vignettes 1 and 2

Vignette 1: Guldar: Validation of the Advanced Ranger First Responder

Vignette 2: Khost: A Lesson in Joint Casualty Management

SSG Benjamin Wickerham

SSG Cameron R. Bunkley
1100-1145Tom Deal Memorial LectureCAPT Eric Elster, MD
SOMA Business Meeting - Part 1COL (Ret) Russ S. Kotwal, MD, MPH
​Moderated Poster Session for CME
​Poster Presenters
Human Performance Track
1315-1400Strong Lab OverviewAdam Strang, PhD
1400-1500Putting the Giant to SleepNick Barringer, PhD, RDN 
1530-1630USSOCOM Human Performance UpdateCOL Robert Montz, OTF, ORT/L, CHT, CSCH
CDR Jacqueline Vanmoerkerque, DPT, OCS, SCS
1630-1715The Just Special Operations Medic: An Ethical Exploration of Care as the Heart of Holistic Performance
Erika "Ann" Jeschke, PhD

ARSC Track
1315-14002021: An AFRICOM Experience - Austere SurgeryCPT Alex Merkle, PA-C; CPT Timur Alptunaer, MD; CDR Meghann Nelles, MD; LTC Brad Rittenhouse, MD
1345-1415Surgical and Resuscitation Decision Making in a Resource-Constrained EnvironmentJerome Benavides, MD
1430-1445Special Operations Clinical Training at a Civilian Academic Medical Center during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dan Grabo, MD
1445-1500Prolonged Field Care: A Case Report of Combat Casualties in an Austere Environment in East Africa
Stefanie Williams, MD
1530-1600Austere AnesthesiaKevin Worth, CRNA
1600 - 1630Analysis of Epidemiology, Capabilities, and Outcomes of Small Surgical Teams
Stacy Shackelford, MD
1630-1700Accuracy and Reliability of COMPASS Device for Blood Pressure MonitoringPeter Bedocs, MD
​1730 - 1930​OPENING RECEPTION​Exhibit Hall C
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
​0800-0830​THOR Update & Topics in Trauma Transfusion​Mark Yazer, MD
0830-0900MilSOF Track: The Case for the Prehospitalist - Why the Military Needs Professional Medical Direction to Support Frontline Medics
MSG Michael Remley
 COL (Ret) Chetan Kharod, MD

0900-0930Human Performance & Resiliciency Track: Returning to Training after COVID
Marc Franzos

0930-1000Research Track: DARPA Biological Technologies Office Introduction
Jean-Paul Chretien, MD, PhD

1015 Product Theater

1045-1115ARSC Track: ERST  -  Expeditionary Resuscitative Surgical Teams-Africa
Matt Welder, DNP, CRNA, FAWM, DiMM, DiDMM, TEC MN'18
TEMS Track: A Bat, A Ball and a Tourniquet: Analyzing TEMS Decision Making
Joshua Bobko, MD, FAAEM
1145-1215SOMA Business Meeting - Part 2COL (Ret) Russ S. Kotwal, MD, MPH
​1215-1315​Second Half Initiative Luncheon (RSVP Required)

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1515 Product Theater

​Human Performance Track
When in Doubt Don’t Stride it Out: A Review of Evidence on Running Gait and Technological Advancements in Gait Assessment and Retraining Interventions
COL (Ret) Don Goss
Shelby Peel, PhD
1415-1500Smartabase: Development, Capabilities, and Transition for AFSPECWAR
Adam Strang, PhD
1545- 1630The Effects of High Fat Diets and Ketone Supplementation on Military Performance
Lee Margolis, PhD
​1630 - 1715​Cognitive Efficiency in Mild TBI: Considerations for Assessment and Managment Paradigms​Christina Vander Vegt, PhD
​ARSC Track
1315-1345Role of Mil-Civ in SOF Med
Matt Eckert, MD
1345-1415Training Austere Surgical Teams: Lessons Learned and the Path Forward
Geb Black, MD
1415-1430DCR and NSW IntegrationEric Philips, MD
1430-1445Prehospital Point-of-Care Ultrasound Use by Paramedics during Cardiac Arrest
Michael Kreiser, DO
REBOA UpdateSimon Telian, MD
1600-1630Damage Control Surgery Mobile Expeditionary Surgical Set for Special Operations, Disaster, Humanitarian, and Mass Casualty Incident Response
Justin Sleeter, MD
1630-1700One Night in YemenJuan Grado, PA
​1800​SOMA at the Movies - "Last Out" Elegy of a Green Beret​Cash bar and snacks available for purchase
Thursday, July 1, 2021
​ ​
Research Track
0800-0820Functional Hemodynamic Monitoring-Based Closed-Loop Diagnosis and Resuscitation in a Porcine Hemorrhagic Shock Model 
Ronald Poropatich, MD
0820-0840Bioresorbable Electronic Sensors for Tissue Monitoring
Matthew MacEwan
0840-0900Strategy to Avoid Excessive Oxygen (SAVE - O2) for Critically Ill Trauma Patients: A Multicenter Clinical Trial to Define Oxygen Requirements for Combat Casualty Care
David Douin
0900-0920Field Testing of a Commercially Available Pressure Cooker for Sterilizing Medical and Dental Instruments in an Austere Environment
Seung "Justin" Hong, DMD
0920-0940Tourniquet (TQ) Arterial Occlusion Pressure Determination Using Real-Time Ultrasonography (US) and a Capacitive-Based Force Sensor
Jeffrey Wood, PA - C
0940-1000A Sequential Bayesian Mass Transfusion Decision Scheme for Blunt Trauma: Incremental Value of ABC Score Shock Index and Lactate
Amado Alejandro Baez, MD, MPH, PhD
1045-1105An Analysis of Conflicts across Role 1 Guidelines
Sarah Johnson
1105-1125Analysis of Epidemiology, Capabilities, and Outcomes of Small Surgical Teams
Stacy Shackelford, MD
1125-1145Prehospital Point-of-Care Ultrasound Use by Paramedics during Cardiac Arrest
Michael Kreiser
1145-1205A Direct Comparison of Two Simplified Neuro-Assessment Scores to the Glasgow Coma Scale for Appropriate Field Activation of Trauma Resources
Matthew Gangidine, MD
1310-1330Change My Mind:  Special Operations Medics Should Carry Paralytic Drugs
Tyler Hummel, DO
1330-1350Austere Fasciotomy: Alternative Equipment for Performance in the Field
Erik DeSoucy, DO
1410-1430Learning Cyber: Physicial Models of Resuscitation
Luke Sciulli
​Multisite Randomized Clinical Trials on Sustained Acoustic Medicine for the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injuries: Two Hundred and Ninety-Eight Patient Cohort Analysis
​George Lewis
1545-1605An Analysis of Prehospital Administration of Blood Products to Pediatric Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan
Ryann Lauby
1605-1625Treatment of Wound Infection Using Omadacycline Versus Linezolid: Pooled Results from Phase 3 Randomized, Double-Blind, Multicenter Studies (OASIS-1 and -2)
Kelly Wright, PharmD, BCPS
1625-1645Carotid Arterial Occlusion Utilizing a Cadaver Flow Simulation Model
Jeffrey Williams, DO, FACOS
More Sophisticated Than a Drink Cooler or an Old Sphygmomanometer, but Still Not Adequate for Prehospital Blood: A Market Review of Commercially Available Equipment for Prehospital Blood Transport and Administration
Silver Martin, M.Sci., MS3, EMT
​​ ​MilSOF Track
0800-0820Use of Telemedicine in Operational Medicine in Brazil
Leandro Castro, MD
0820-0840An Analysis of Conflicts across Role 1 Guidelines
Sarah Johnson
0840-0910Practice Advancement: Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta at the Point of Injury
Tyler Miklovic, MD
0910-0930Special Forces Medics Should Have Intranasal Medication Administration Capability
Evan Stern, MD
0930-1000First Hand Experience: A SOF Patient and his SOF Medics Detail an Evacuation from East Africa
Dan Brillhart, MD
Combatant Command Trauma Systems: What Can the JTS Do For YOUR Practice?
Sean Keenan, MD
​Educating the Physician for the SOF Environment
​John Knight, MD
​Joint Trauma System Clinical Practice Guidelines for Global Snake Envenomation Management in 2020
Jordan Benjamin, Paramedic

10 Papers that Should Have Changed Your Practice in the Last Year​
​Alex Merkle, PA-C
​Ten Days of Combat in East Africa: A Recap
​Dan Brillhart, MD
​A Biopsychosocial Approach to Pain Management for Military Operations
​Migrant Camps in Matamoros: Socio-Political Challenges in Resource-Limited, Emergency Medical Response
​Samuel Bishop, NRP, ATP
​Unconventional Warfare of 21st Century and Medical Support
Leandro Castro, MD
​An Analysis of U.S., Africa, and Indo-Pacific Commands Military Working Dog Medical Transportation, 2008-2018
​Mireya Escandon
​2021 Tropical Medicine Update
Jason Jarvis, Paramedic, 18D
TEMS Track
0800-0900​DHS EMS: Protecting Our Country​Alex Eastman, MD
A Bat, A Ball and a Tourniquet: Analyzing TEMS Decision Making
​Joshua Bobko, MD, FAAEM
​Tourniquets Outside the Goldilocks Zone
​Jim Vretis, DO, FAAEM, FAEMS
​Civil Disturbance Medical Operations: Lessons Learned in Austin in 2020
Jason Pickett, MD
​Pediatic Consideration in TCCC, PFC, and MCI Planning
​Joseph Kelly, MD
​Burnout, Wellness and Suicide: Translate What's Out There into Something That Can Help Your Team
Jason Roosa, MD, MS, FACEP, FAEMS
1630-1715​Reality Bites: Animal Encounters in Tactical Operations​Ben Abo, DO, Paramedic
​1730-1900​SOMA Networking Reception​Westin Grand Ballroom AB
Friday, July 2, 2021

​SOCOM Medical Update
​LTC April Verlo, REHS/RH
​SOCOM Mortality Project
​Edward Mazuchowski, MD, PhD
​Combat Medic Vignettes

Hoist Operations in the Face of MASCAL

SSG Steven Gillis
​Research Presentation Awards
​James Ross
​Committee on En Route Casualty Care (CoERCC) Updates
​Cord Cunningham, MD, MPH
​PFC Update
​Jamie Riesberg, MD
​Shane Jensen
​Prehospital Initiatives
​Travis Polk, MD
1230-1240​Closing Remarks and Adjournment​COL (Ret) Kyle N. Remick, MD, FACS, SOMSA 2021 Chair; Elliot Ross, MD, MPH, SOMSA 2021 Co-Chair