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Chris House
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Rick; Rickh784@gmail.comPFC Research
I couldn't find your email address. I am looking for a Navy guy to help out with a JPC-6 research project. It should only be a couple hundred hours work over the next two years. It is a paid gig, and will influence training and equipment for the force. Short notice. The Navy guy they had dropped out.
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Thomas Bergerthomas.berger@sosi.comSOMA member employment Opportunity
SOSi has been short listed to provide medical care for the US DOS in Iraq for the next 5 years. I am the Corp Director and looking for a leader to run the program with 15years of hospital/medical leadership. We are in our first year as a SOMA member but met some fantastic folks at Charlotte and wanted to extend the opportunity to that family. If you have a candidate, email or call me cell in DC 917-385-4675...Thanks
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USN CAPT (Ret.) Dennis S Williamsdwilliams@paragonsdc.comSOCOM SBIR Proposal for Portable Blood/Pharma Cooling & Storage System ...Letter of Support

Good Afternoon All:

And, thanks, for taking the time to read this.....

I reach out to you, for any help you can offer in our securing soonest NLT 20 OCT16  a letter of support from  SOMA (or other key medical organizations)  -- for our proposal for SOCOM 63-004: Blood and Pharmaceutical Cooling and Storage System. Of course, should you feel there is interest/value in supporting our effort, we will be more than pleased to provide a draft of a proposed letter of general reference of support for editing, upon reguest. Please see details of this solicitation from what follows after this intro info to our firm.

Our mission is to see where our particular sets of capability/capacity with ultra-demanding programs might mesh well with new DOD requirements or those soon to surface. And....we are known for bringing significant advantage in teaming situations with military R+D groups as well as prime contractors!

Paragon is a 23 year-old, patent-rich company that has been at the forefront of commercialization of space as well as extreme-environment engineering for terrestrial, sea and air use.  A quick web search will reveal that we’ve got a good track record for high-tech innovations in thermal control, life support and human performance.  For example, you may be surprised to know that Paragon lead the team that broke Redbull’s skydiving record, diving a Google executive from over 135,000 ft less than two years ago.

NEWS 8SEP2016: Cool Buck-Saving Move for Shipboard OPS & Maintenance.....ONR Selects Paragon for Shipboard Refrigerant Liquid-Vapor Phase Separator.; Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from the Office of Naval Research to develop a compact, high efficiency liquid-vapor phase separator for shipboard cooling system. The Navy’s two phase cooling systems will extract large heat loads from future shipboard high energy sensors and weapons.Paragon’s system, derived from space-qualified designs, will provide clean, liquid-only return coolant to the refrigerant system.

Our talents include biology, chemistry, physics, fluids, air/gases, pressure/flow + testing/analysis, systems engineering, program management & intricate manufacturing.  We are a small-business specializing in proprietary thinking and technology for extreme and hazardous environments. Trade craft reflects exacting analysis/design/ engineering/ build out/test/component/systems integration and specialized manufacture.

Paragon draws on a deep foundation of priority technical and scientific credentials. Contracts include a variety of private and public sectors. Solutions are driven through exacting standards for performance, accountability and value necessary for the most demanding missions in ultra-challenging environments. In addition to near and deep space projects, work reflects that oriented to an array of earth-based air, water and land domains.

A snapshot + mosaic of programs, we work on at any given time, include the following that you may have heard about that we have done or are executing:
• Battery cooling technology via Phase II SBIR contract for NAVSEA/ONR. Developing a unique, innovative solution --Buswork Integrated Cooling (BICS)-- to keep high-discharge batteries at t right temps. The ONLY company in this subject area given the green light to move forward on more detailed plans for development. The net:a novel way to extract heat from high charge/ discharge rate energy systems specifically for EW and Railgun-type weapons to allow for more rapid firing and extended cycle life.
• NAVSEA contaminated water diving suit. This program has developed the only suit capable of passing NAVSEAS “Category I” contaminated water certification. 6 Units are at NEDU as we speak for final certification tests. This suit allows diving in bunker diesel oil, jet A or other jet fuels and raw sewage, among other contaminants (CBRN)
• Commercial Crew Air Revitalization Systems: For NASA we developed a turn-key complete air scrubbing and cooling package for commercial spacecraft companies. Boeing (for which we are a GOLD supplier) is utilizing part of that technology in their CST-100 commercial crew vehicle for NASA.
• RANCOR: An Army re-breather system that maintains cool, CO2 scrubbed air to the warfighter that overcomes the limitations of the current systems that add heat during the CO2 and Humidity conditioning process.
• Again,  we designed and built the first new operational spacesuit in 30 years in the US in our record-breaking skydive program “StratEx”.
• For flying platforms our active and recent experience includes: OBOGS type systems/oxygen systems, humidity control systems in aircraft, aircraft air/pressure control systems and emergency oxygen systems.
• LMCO: Skunkworks collaborator for hyper-velocity aircraft; continuing multi-year thermal, life support and systems management for ORION spacecraft.

Again, thank you very much for the time + attention…and feedback!!  We  welcome that.  BTW, I live in Herndon, VA and would be pleased to carve out time to meet when/where convenient, in the DC area....or elsewhere.




TITLE: Blood and Pharmaceutical Cooling and Storage System


OBJECTIVE: Design an innovative portable device to safely cool (including freeze), transport and store blood, blood components, pharmaceuticals and related serums or solutions in remote and austere environments with limited reach back logistics support.

DESCRIPTION: Special Operations Forces’ (SOF) medical teams require a multi-functional and transportable storage capability to safely keep blood, blood components, pharmaceuticals and related serums or solutions within controlled temperature ranges via external/internal power source(s). Blood and blood products must adhere to strict transport and storage requirements regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to remain safe for use. Current problems associated with the transport and storage of blood and blood products has limited the availability of potentially life-saving interventions by front line medics and enroute care personnel. Current freezer/refrigeration systems used by the military are suitable for use in medical facilities only where sufficient power is available. However, these systems are not feasible for forward SOF operations due to size, weight, and power constraints. SOF medical teams require portable solutions to enhance their ability to move blood and blood products forward to austere environments.

PHASE I: Conduct a feasibility study to design a Blood and Pharmaceutical Cooling and Storage System that meets or exceeds the following parameters:

The not to exceed exterior dimensions of the case are: 32” H x 20” W x 13” L (T). Smaller form factors are encouraged (O).
Weight: 70 pounds (T), less than 70 pounds (O).
Includes two separate Freezer /Cooler Drawers: The freezer/cooler must include two separate drawers systems, must be capable of storing a total of 24-28 liters. Separate temperature control with an exterior 24 hour historical measurement capability for each drawer system, to include open/closed transport period validation procedure. Each drawer must include adjustable dividers. Each drawer must be able to be secured/locked. The length and depth of the drawers should realize a maximum storage capacity given the dimensions of the exterior case and the equipment / insulation needed to meet the required cooling / freezing temperature requirements.
Primary Power: 110/220, 12 Volt (Threshold (T)); 24 Volt capable (Objective (O)). The Primary Power system must be capable of charging the primary back-up power source when connected to an AC source.
Primary Backup Power: The Primary Backup Power must be included in the case and must automatically and instantaneously provide uninterrupted power supply should the primary AC power source suddenly became unavailable. This Primary Backup Power supply must operate continuously for 6 hours (T), 8+ hours (O). The power charging requirements for the Primary Backup Power supply must be the same as for the Primary Power requirements: (110/220, 12 Volt (T); 24 Volt capable (O)).
Secondary Backup Power: Provide an additional separate battery pack with charger that can be rapidly swapped with the Primary Backup Power supply (T=O). The power requirements for the Secondary Backup Power charging system must be the same as for the primary power requirements: (that is: 110/220, 12 Volt (T); 24 Volt capable (O)).
Temperature Control, Freezer / Cooler Drawers: Both freezer / cooler drawers must maintain an internal compartment temperature range of -5 degrees (Minus 5) to 10 degrees Celsius (C)(T); -18 degrees (Minus 18) to 10 degrees C(O).
Insulate internal drawer temperatures for up to 6 hours after complete power loss (T); 12 hours after complete power loss (O).
Temperature Monitoring and Alerting: Must have an audible alarm and a continuous temperature recording system (T=O). Users must have a means of verifying temperature control throughout the storage and transport timeframe to ensure the integrity of the stored products. This timeframe can be variable such as a weekly or monthly monitoring capture and recording system. Proposed solutions should address a means to provide this verification with temperature displays. Proposed solutions must also provide an alerting system to notify users of aberrations in desired storage temperatures. Proposed solutions should continue to record even when main AC power is lost.
Temperature Monitoring and Alerting: Wi-Fi availability to configured cell/notebook/laptops is desirable (O).
Temperature Monitoring and Alerting Power: Must have stand-alone battery power to actuate alarms and continue to record temperatures for 8 hours (T) to 24 hours (O) should primary and back-up sources of power fail.
System must be capable of rapid set up and operations within 30 minutes (T); 5 minutes (O) without specialized tools or prior training.
System must be capable of being stacked on each other 3 high horizontally (T) or 4 high (O) horizontally for storage and transport.
System must have retractable handle and wheel system for easy transport (Examples of acceptable handle and wheel systems include the Pelican Hardigg MC4100, MC8100).
System must be one man portable.
System must operate in both the vertical and horizontal positions.
Battery and cooling system must pose no harmful threat to humans or machinery during normal ground and flight operations.
Battery and cooling system must pose no hazardous, caustic or combustible threat or cause undo risks if casings are ruptured or damaged.
The objective of this USSOCOM Phase I SBIR effort is to conduct and document the results of a thorough feasibility study to investigate what is in the art of the possible within the given trade space that will satisfy a needed technology. The feasibility study should investigate all known options that meet or exceed the minimum performance parameters specified in this write up. It should also address the risks and potential payoffs of the innovative technology options that are investigated and recommend the option that best achieves the objective of this technology pursuit. The funds obligated on the resulting Phase I SBIR contracts are to be used for the sole purpose of conducting a thorough feasibility study using scientific experiments and laboratory studies as necessary. Operational prototypes will not be developed with USSOCOM SBIR funds during Phase I feasibility studies. Operational prototypes developed with other than SBIR funds that are provided at the end of Phase I feasibility studies will not be considered in deciding what firm(s) will be selected for Phase II.

PHASE II: Develop and demonstrate a prototype that meet the performance parameters determined to be feasible during Phase I.

PHASE III DUAL USE APPLICATIONS: Portable Blood and Pharmaceutical Cooling and Storage System applications include a wide range of DoD mission sets, humanitarian and disaster response operations both CONUS and abroad by both the military and domestic and international nongovernmental response agencies. The system would also prove invaluable as a secondary or tertiary backup capability for more conventional systems when power sources are not consistent or may be regularly interrupted.


AFI 44-118 entitled “Operational Procedures for the Armed Services Blood Program” dated 1 September 2007 that can be accessed on the internet.
KEYWORDS: Blood products, blood storage, pharmaceutical storage, cold storage chain

NOTE: During the Pre-Release stage of the 2016.3 DoD SBIR Solicitation, all technical questions related to this topic shall be addressed to

Dennis S. Williams, CAPT - USN (Ret.)
Business Development Director
Paragon Space Development Corporation
3481 E. Michigan Street Tucson, AZ  85714
C: 303.588.5780
P: 520.903.1000
F: 520.903.2000

Premier Provider: Environmental control components + systems for extreme & hazardous environments.

This e-mail and any attachment(s) are the property of Paragon Space Development Corporation. This message is intended only for the named recipient(s) and may contain information that is legally privileged, confidential, or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you have received this message in error, or are not the named recipient(s), you may not retain, copy or use this e-mail or any attachment(s) for any purpose, or disclose all or any part of the contents to any other person. Any such dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail or its attachment(s) is strictly prohibited. Please immediately notify the sender and permanently delete this e-mail and any attachment(s) from your computer.
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Theodore At-Large openings
Dear Sir or Ma'am, I heard that there were open positions available for the Board At-Large.  How does one apply for such a position/

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Mark Whitingmark.whiting@dvs.virginia.govNew Military Medics and Corpsmen Program in Virginia
Medics and Corpsmen Your Path Is Clear:
The Virginia Department of Veterans Services, Military Medics and Corpsmen (MMAC) Program is changing the way healthcare hires veterans in Virginia. MMAC is a path to civilian careers, credentials and continued caring for recently discharged 68W, Navy & Coast Guard Corpsmen and USAF Medical Technicians and PJs. Only in Virginia can you apply your hard-earned and at times, battle-tested patient care skills under physician’s supervision while obtaining civilian medical credentials. Continue your mission at:

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John Fergusonjmacferg1@yahoo.comPromotional & internal use items
Dear Col. Mabry,

         I noticed that the SPecial Operations Medical Association is shown in the December 2017 edition of EMS World as one of the top 500 EMS suppliers. My wife and I are EMTs with the Ingram Community Volunteer Ambulance Service in Ingram, PA.

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John Ferguson
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Silver Eagles of Texas

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JUANjuanperez061@gmail.comWorking Group
We are a group of work of a European scientific medical society-Spain, we develop and adapt in TECC SPAIN with local regulations and local procedures, healthcare processes to severe trauma and general processes, and we want to know if there is at SOMA a working group in Spanish, or if we have the possibility of as a member of SOMA, put one to this magnificent board of directors.
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CMSgt Karl Day Medic OTY
Good morning,
I have a question regarding the 2018 SOMA Medic of the Year.  Is there still an award this year ? I'm the new AF AFSOC CMEF and  I did not receive an email about the award.  So I looked on the schedule but not see the award banquet on the schedule.  Just trying figure out if there is an award this year so I get the word out to the AFSOC community.  

Any information would  be greatly appreciated.

Karl P Day
Chief, Medical Enlisted Force Office of the Command Surgeon HQ Air Force Special Operations Command
Comm: 850884-6240
Cell: 850 398-3437
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